Fireflies on After Dark Walk

25 Jun

Last night was firefly night. Our back yard had hundred’s of them flitting and flashing in a random pattern in all directions. I don’t honestly know how often they do this because we usually take our last walk of the evening well before dark except in the winter. I tend to be an early to bed, early to rise person. My husband comes to bed a couple of hours later and sleeps in later but he is not the last one to walk the dog.

As a kid I remember catching fireflies in a jar to watch their glow. Last night I thought more of stars in a small sky. I may have to plan a few later evening swims to watch the show. I also realized that they present a problem to a decision I had already made. I had decided to breakdown and apply bug killer to the part of the back yard that is closest to the house. The mosquitoes have been more numerous than the fireflies and seem to care less about the brand or quantity of  bug repellant applied. My arms, legs and back are covered with red bumps. I have a pretty good swatting aim for the arms and legs but not a chance on my back through my tee shirt. I can’t even apply after bite treatment until the bump has risen enough for Harry to see it. So spraying seems like a good idea but I’m sure that the fireflies will not be exempt. Decisions, decisions – death to mosquitoes or life to fireflies. Maybe I can find a better repellant because I really like to watch the fireflies. At least the mosquitoes can only bite my head if I’m in the pool.


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