Garden Bounty

3 Jul

I love having both a vegetable and a flower garden. I enjoy the bright flowers mixed with the tomatoes and carrots. Even when the radishes went to seed, they added pretty white flowers to that corner of the garden. The touch of color is fun.

Gardening here has required some major adjustments. I’ve learned to weed after rain showers when the ground will give just a little. I’ve found a home for my saw dust from the table saw in the garden even without a stop at the composter.  And most importantly, the seasons have a totally new time line. The veggies come earlier and the flowers die off faster. Mid summer is a rather dull time.

My garden this year has been so much more productive than last year. Another layer of compost is making a difference. We have also had enough rain that I’ve only needed to water a couple of time. By next year I hope I will have a rain water collection system in place to help out when watering is needed. But this year has come together fairly well. We’ve had steady tomatoes for the last month of all different types – yellow cherry and large yellows, red cherries, red romas and large red slicing tomatoes. This week we had a mass of them all ripe together. It was more than we could use without spoilage so I washed, sliced and placed them in the dehydrator.  A few hours later they were ready to be packed into a vacuum jar. That is the hard part. They taste so yummy as dry chips I hate putting them into the jar! Knowing how great they will taste later when we can’t just go to the garden for a tomato finally won out. Soon we will have a few more ripe but probably not enough for another dehydrator batch. Maybe next year.

It is also time to dig the potatoes. I think the tops have all turned yellow but it is a little hard to tell after the attack by the grasshoppers.  We’ve had a rain shower today so digging would be easy but I just bought a 5 lbs bag of potatoes to make potato salad for the 4th. If I dug them today, I’d have to consider making Julian strips for the dehydrator for instant hash browns. That works very well but maybe I’ll just leave them in the ground for a little longer. Sometimes I don’t really want to know if we have a garden bounty under ground. I like to be surprised.


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