Hummingbirds and Screens

4 Aug

We have 2 bird feeders that share a shepherds crook and a hummingbird feeder on a single shepherds crook a few feet away. All of them reside under a hackberry tree just outside my kitchen window. I love to watch all of the birds but especially the hummingbirds. I consider myself quite fortunate when they actually perch at the feeder or park themselves on the tree branches. I had enjoyed seeing a hummingbird at rest at my friend Nancy’s place but never actually expected to have it here. This is a major cat town so birds tend to do a dine and dash.

I can count on seeing first one and then another hummingbird while I’m washing dishes or fixing coffee first thing in the morning and often just a little later as I rinse my cup. The second view is when I learned that there were really two different birds and not just a very hungry single one. They must think we do have a tasty feeder because they each hit all of the five ports before moving on. As the first bird starts to move off the second buzzes in for its turn. That may produce a bit of territorial dive bombing and frantic dips and dives from both birds. They are so tiny for such heroics over a feeder but they repeat the actions at least three times per week that I am able to watch.

I would really like to know what species of humming birds we have. The screen on the window is just dark enough to block the view of the birds clearly. They are each just little buzzing gray blabs without any identifying marks. If I were to take out the screens, I would probably have a better view but would be unable to open the window to the cool morning air. The bugs would come in in droves. We have an overabundance of flies right now so removing the screen just doesn’t seem like a good plan. So for now I’ll enjoy the morning viewing of the fast moving hungry feeders and check the bird book to reduce the number of possible species. At least we have hummingbirds.

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