Status of the Driveway

4 Aug

We have a very modest house on the edge of a modest small town in a rural area of NE Texas. There are some large new homes and a number of large restored Victorians but they are the exception not the rule here. There are some fancy cars but the average vehicle is a fairly new domestic pickup truck many with four doors. We have a domestic pickup truck that is just a little past new and a less common small import car. This is not a town for Kia commercials.

Our house had also been noteworthy by having not one but two Roadtrek camper vans. We had the older van readied for sale when we were part of the 450 miles of north Texas yard sales. We parked the newer one in the back yard that weekend because we didn’t want to confuse anyone and we needed the driveway space. Trying to provide open access to the carport was a challenge. The older camper was located off to the side of the driveway with doors opened to encourage lookers. We had lots of lookers but no serious buyers.

With the yard sale over I had posted a for sale ad on two different Craig’s list groupings as well as two area swap shop pages. We got two calls in two months. I decided it was time to try eBay when we had a message left on the machine while we were at the family reunion. Yesterday the woman drove down from Oklahoma City and she drove home with a 1990 Roadtrek. We negotiated a lot on the price between the 4 phone calls and our discussions here but I think everyone was satisfied in the end. The van should met her needs well and we have a free spot in our driveway! Now on to new projects.

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