Kitten Toys

11 Aug

Iggy the cat is still missing and we still have the kitten. His eye is no longer infected and we have named him Dr Murphy Indiana Jones. He started off as just Murphy Jones after James Garner in Murphy’s Romance but Indian Jones quickly came to mind as he started to explore his world. He doesn’t even need a bull whip to create trouble. Now that he is at the 5 month old pre teen “I can jump” stage, the books that I read to my children from the Little Monster series come to mind. He does fairly well at the leap from floor to lap but occasionally misses and has to dig in to pull himself up. Not pleasant even if he does want to snuggle once he has reached that lap.

Like good kitten parents we made the trip to the store to buy a few cat toys. I really should have known that wasn’t necessary. Like toddlers everywhere he was able to create kitten toys from everyday objects around him. He choices have evolved as he has grown. He quickly moved from the stuffed toy mouse to the bag of rolled plastic bags. We used the bags for dog clean up and were easier to carry when folded and then rolled tight. The large bag of bags sat near Murphy’s pet crate (protected food and litter box.) He showed his big cat hunting skills as he carried a bag out between his legs. The bag was almost as big as he was. That game was followed by digging in the bag of bags to throw out as many as possible. Finally he discovered that the bags made great hockey pukes. It is impossible to walk through the family room or kitchen without stepping on at least one bag. The large extra heavy bag that held all of them is starting to look a little worse for wear.

The flat surfaces in the house are no longer safe. Objects on table tops make very interesting sounds as they are pushed to the floor. Smaller items like pens and papers are slowly replacing the plastic bags as hockey pukes.  Stepping on pens can be dangerous and messy! Our keys are placed on high hooks or I know we would be playing a lot of hid and seek. For now that game is reserved for nail clippers.

His latest toy craze has been dry dog food kibble. He carefully fishes a piece out of the feeder and then tucks it under the bathroom rug where the feeder is located. That is repeated with at least three more pieces before he starts placing them inside the shower pan. Walking into the bathroom is again dangerous and messy. Taking a shower there  involves a major clean out process before turning on the water.

I will hear Harry yelling and a lot of “No!” as he attempts to shave and brush his teeth in the morning with Murphy attacking his toes. Shoes only help a little because shoe laces are also great toys.

Harry now has help when he makes the bed each day. Fred lays beside the bed so Harry has to stretch over him and then Murphy attacks the covers as they are pulled into place. When I change the sheets, he tries to convince me not to remove the dirty ones and creates a lump under the clean ones. Up from two pounds to five, the extra weight on the covers is starting to add up. Murphy is almost big enough to flip the switch on my surge protector as he explores the dark regions behind my monitor. He is also known for adding odd words to my typing if I turn my back on the keyboard. I wonder if he can write that great novel typed by a monkey and a keyboard? Any typos in this post will now be blamed on one small cat.

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