The Screened Patio Project

11 Aug

Another project is almost wrapped up. The screened patio room now has almost all of its new Harry selected bright blue paint, new screens and most of its new trim. The rest of the inside painting will hold until Fall and the balance of the trim requires 1 more trip to Home Depot. It is nice to have the room back. We’ve spent a lot of time enjoying the swings without bugs. Murphy the kitten may not get to join us there, if he makes even one attack on the screens. Did add pet resistant screening on the bottom sections of the door for Fred scratches.

It will soon be time to decide on how we will make it weather resistant for winter. The first year we just left it but the furniture took a real beating. Last year we wrapped it in visqueen. The frosted plastic did let some light in but you couldn’t see out and the plastic was hard to keep in place with wind. Although I’d love clear plastic panels, they are really beyond our budget and would be harder to store once we removed them. I may figure out a way to use the old windows from the main house. They are just a little too wide and there are only 8 of them. That would only do one wall. I may just settle for white fiberglass tarps this year. They should be easy to install, keep in place and remove. Maybe next year I’ll plan something more exciting.

Harry Selected Bright Blue Paint.

Harry Selected Bright Blue Paint.


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