Writers Conference

20 Aug

For the last 10 years I have told students, friends and family that for the prior 20 years I have been “working” on the great American novel. I am usually very quick to amend the part about “great” because a trash romance will never be a great piece of literature. If you do the math, you will realize that I’ve worked on it for 30 years. No one ever asked me to define “working” but I will state here that means starting, stopping, rewriting and discarding over and over again. In other words I have volumes of nothing completed. I actually have floppy disks label “The Novel” and chapter files in formats that can no longer be read by my current computers. That is ok because like Margaret Mitchell I also have a whole lot of printed pages. Unlike her I’ve never produced enough versions to place in boxes in the closet. That is good because we don’t actually have much in the way of closets in this house.  At least Margaret Mitchell was able to actually pull together a classic. I don’t see my efforts getting there but I still haven’t given up.  Writing this blog was originally a plan to get me back into the writing mode. Some days it does, others not so much.

Because work on the house may actually be completed in this up coming year, I do need to find something to keep me busy. The Novel still awaits. As a major step forward with the plan, I will spend a full day in early October at the first North Texas Writers Conference to be held at Austin College in Sherman, TX. A year ago the first week of October found us at the hospital for Harry’s third stroke. The October before that had me in ICU with a skull fracture after the drywall attacked me. Sitting in sessions at the conference sounds much more sedate. The change of pace should be good for me.

I am also booked for a one-on-one with a literary agent. Part of me thinks I should not have taken a slot that could be used by a “real” writer but I also know that one-on-one may either make or break my dream of ever actually being published. I’ll try anything at this point to get my brain headed in that direction. Now I just need to convert 30 years worth of ideas and story lines into typed words. First though I want to get the living room and dining room painted. After 30 years, there really isn’t a rush to write.

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