Mission Adjustment

24 Aug

When I started this blog, I intended to record my pre and post retirement thoughts and feelings. That was followed by our remodel and trip logs. Now may be a good time to modify that mission once again. My eldest son asked for pictures of our drive through Mt. St. Helen’s ash to prove his claims to friends. That will require some digging because I know there are a number of pictures in the 15 boxes of pictures. Sounds like a good job for rainy winter days. I told him that when I found the pictures I would record our experiences. I’ve now decided that I’ll record that and a number of other family stories right here. They will not be presented in any order but rather as the mood strikes me. I can add pictures and will even experiment with voice recordings. I have a few of my mother and an aunt on cassette tape that I will digitize to add their stories.

When my younger son and I had traveled to Illinois for my mother’s funeral, we spent time organizing a slide show of pictures I had scanned. He also attempted to enhance and clean up one of those recordings. After a few hours of work, he asked me when I had last listened to the recordings. I realized I hadn’t listened to them since it was originally recorded. We stopped to actually listen to what she had to say and decided NOT to play it at the funeral. The people who were coming to pay their respects to a woman they liked, did not need to hear what she really thought about them! Her stories will be as recorded. I’ll work on mine.


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