Family Photos

19 Sep

I had planned to get started on more family stories but got lost in old photos. I thought it would be a good idea to reframe and then hang a number of the special ones. I spent the week after painting the dining room with frames covering the table. Some had broken during the move and others just aren’t the right size. Even after throwing out the broken ones (I decided not to try to fix them) I still had a large box packed tight. I am trying to remove boxes of “STUFF” from all of the corners and even from the storage loft in the man cave. It must be time to start stacking the carport with next year’s garage sale things. Hopefully once I start to compromise the space in the carport, I’ll decide to take it all to Goodwill. It won’t do much for a tax write off, however.

Other photos I have started to scan and share with newly found cousins on Facebook. They are the daughters of my younger cousin, and seem to enjoy seeing their parents, grandparents and even great and great great grandparents. My mother always insisted that no one would ever be interested in any of that old stuff but Ancestry Tree proves that is not the case. I’m not interested in paying their price for information but the company is still in business so someone must. Scanning the photos is not difficult when I remember that I want to work on that in my down time. My biggest problem is convincing Murphy Jones, the kitten that I do not need his help at either the keyboard nor the scan nor does he need to dust all of the cords under my computer work station.

I also have the pages of photos of my sons when they were young. My oldest son has asked for photos of his dad but there are others that are just too good not to share. If I get them scanned and send DVDs to his daughters I can pack the albums away until the next time I move. I’d just send the albums to my son but his life has never been very stable. It appears to be so now but that has not been his history. Although his younger brother has not expressed interest in the those photos, that may change in the future so I’ll keep them for now. I could really use an automatic page scanner!

I also have 4 reels of 35 mm slides. I don’t remember what was on them. Somewhere I had had a small slide viewer but I haven’t found it yet. The slide projector is long gone as is the super 8 movie projector. I may need to invest in one of those just to view the miles of tape my mother took on our Mississippi River boat trip. She took tons but most are of blurry shorelines are the boat bounced in the waves. It would be fun to digitize and share the first black and white reel when I was in fifth grade but that project will need to move to a far back burner; I have too many boxes of photos to scan. I’ve found another excuse not to write!

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