Writers Conference Tomorrow

3 Oct

Tomorrow is the first NE Texas writers conference. I find the timing interesting since I haven’t written anything other than a few Facebook post in a couple of weeks. I’ll have ideas flash into mind but flash on by just as quickly. It doesn’t help that Murphy Jones, the kitten thinks that he should help type whenever I sit at the computer.

I haven’t really spent much time at the computer. We have been busy on our last major construction project – a small expansion to the house for a utility closet. The amount of work would be the same if the project was significantly bigger but it is still work. We have the walls framed and half of the rafters up. I should be able to put the balance of the rafters up today. I have a new tool that has made it a little easier. We purchased a palm nailer which uses the air compressor to drive single nails. It has worked well for the metal brackets we are using for the rafters. It is small enough to snuggle into tight places and light enough for me to use overhead. The thunderstorm that tore through in the afternoon confirmed that the metal brackets are needed. The winds were strong enough to knock over my planters that contained taller plants. At least we didn’t get the golf ball sized hail that fell in Dallas.

I also spend a significant part of my down time trying to keep Murphy from totally destroying all of our furniture and walls. He seems to think he needs to stretch up as high as he can go to flex those claws. He also wants to turn everything into a toy to be pushed off and then chased.  Like small children, he is really cute when he is asleep.

I’m hoping that the writers conference with get me motivated to set some writing goals and then work towards them. Thirty years for a unfinished novel may be more than enough. We do need to get the project closed in before the weather gets bad and I really want to go camping but that may be really good times to start thinking about a new storyline.  I wonder if Murphy would think duck tape around his feet would be a good toy?

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