October and Trunk’r Treating

22 Oct

October is my favorite month although there is something special about every mark on the calendar. October often has warm days and cool nights so sleeping is a delight.  It is wonderful to have a fire in the firepit and pretend that we are camping without having to pack for the trip.  The sun may not rise as early as I usually do but that gives me some quiet time before I move to serious projects. There is still time to complete outside projects before winter brings rain, cold and dark days.

October also has Halloween, a special time for kids and adults who want to feel like a kid once again. In years long past I made costumes for my children and have dressed up myself. My oldest son asked if I could locate one of the pictures of me dressed as a witch. I know it is in one of the boxes of photos waiting for my scanner so it may be this time next year before I find it. I won’t even worry about the idea that is his favorite photo of me. At least he will remember me with a bit of fun.

Halloween also means buying candy to pass out to the trick’r treaters. The purchase requires perfect timing. I want to still have store selection and sale prices but not so early that my husband OD’s on chocolate before the big day. Some years I’ve selected candy that he didn’t like but that usually meant that we had tons left over. No matter where we have lived, it has always been hard to predict how many little faces will be at our door. When I taught, leftovers were packed into the pumpkins for my students in class. That is no longer an option so I’m back to the dilemma on my purchase.

Large towns may have a mall for children to go to for trick’r treating. It provides a lighted safe place. As a small town we have Trunk’r Treating. The few shopkeepers in the town square will have candy but more importantly they are joined by people who park their cars around the square. The children can progress from cars to stores in short order. As it gets darker, the library will show a movie in the park against a building wall. This year there is a hometown football game on Friday the 31st. To allow everyone to join in the fun, Trunk’r Treating has been moved to Saturday the 1st. I’m not sure how how All Hallows Eve balances with All Saints Day but I know I should have a second chance to pass out the remaining candy. Now all I need to do is find a husband proof place to hid the candy for 1 1/2 weeks.



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