Life with a Teenager

27 Oct

We live with a teenager. He is sweet when he is asleep but otherwise he feels it is his job to make sure we are aware of him every minute. Of course he does not want us to make comments on his behavior. After being scolded for some misdeed he will sulk and then defiantly return to that same behavior just to see if the same rules apply.

He has that long lanky look of most teenage boys. In his case it means he can now jump with ease. Our teenager is our kitten, Murphy who has listened to all of the advise given in the video Dear Kitten. So far he has not gotten to the top of the bookcases nor the top of the refrigerator but everything else seems to be fair game.  He likes to jump up on the kitchen counters to remind me that he is hungry. I made the mistake of giving him canned food as a sickly kitten so now he demands that three times a day. He has dry kitten kibble in a self feeder but will only eat it if I shake more kibble into the bowl. It is that human servant touch.

Although he has a dozens of toys with bells, a squeaky mouse and a number of scratching posts he likes to do things his own way. The new wallpaper in the bathroom and hallway have shreds of paper or at best hundreds of small holes as do the bonded leather chairs in the living room. I had thought the chairs would work well for maybe five years but now only if I accept the new pebble texture.  The wicker baskets in the bathrooms have also been attacked regularly but at least I can reverse those to hide the damage. The wicker laundry hamper may not be so lucky but it has lived through the attacks of a half dozen cats before Murphy.

Murphy’s favorite toy is his best friend Fred the dog. They spend a portion of every day running the full length of the house from the front door down the hall to the back wall and then back again. They also like to wrestle. Fred will use a paw to hold Murphy down while using his mouth to cover the kitten’s head. Murphy fights back with claws out and then jumps up to bite Fred’s ankles. Murphy also like to do a ninja attack in a full four leg spread with an added run and jump. Hopefully he limits that to Fred because I think it could really hurt.

Fred and Murphy October 2014

Fred and Murphy
October 2014

He has outgrown his purple kitten harness and is now in a red cat harness. We take him out for walks with Fred but he often stops at the first large Bois d’arc tree in the middle of the back yard. We attach his leash to the clothes line so he can climb and scratch all he wants. It doesn’t seem to help with his attacks on the wicker or wallpaper in the house but that is the hope.

It is past time to make his next doctor’s appointment. Harry has difficulty with this one.  That is probably a male thing. I keep hoping that it will mark the change from teenager to adult but I know that only time will do that. We have five more months of terror. At least he will never get a driver’s license.


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