Reading and Writing

27 Oct

I have read a number of times that good writers must first be good readers. A fellow blogger recently wrote a detailed description of her reaction to what she has read. For the bad ones, she knows she can do better. From the mediumly good ones, she can learn. But for the outstandingly good ones, she gets depressed because she knows she doesn’t have those skills.

I can relate to what she is saying. I have read a number of free Kindle books where I instantly know that free is as much as I would pay and ask myself why I’m still reading. I keep reading, of course, in the hopes that it will get better. That rarely happens. A book that starts poorly stays bad through out. A lot of my Kindle selections are mysteries. Many hook me in with a good adventure right up until the end. Then it is like they have a 10 minute deadline so they throw in a silly twist and an abrupt end. It is like an effort to imitate Agatha Christie that falls flat. Those discourage me more than a really good read. I’m not planning to write a murder mystery but I might because I read so many of them. Will I also fall so flat at the end after all that hard work?

My difficulty is that I either write or I read, not both. This last week I have spent part of each day putting the old vinyl siding back on the new addition. That has proven to be more labor intensive that I had planned. We have also had very warm afternoons so I’ve curled up with a book when I could no longer face the siding. I read 4 books in 4 days. Usually when I am painting or doing other no brainer tasks, I think about story lines or characters. The 4 books in 4 days added to the siding fried my brain for any creative thoughts. I’ve now switched to Margaret Truman’s biography of her mother, Bess. This is proving to be a much slower read and thus I am again writing blog posts. I also have only one more piece of siding to cut and fit so I’ll be freeing up more brain power.

Soon the outside projects will be done and even the utility room will have drywall and paint. That means I will have no more excuses for not writing everyday. Of course Book Bud will still offer me at least one free book a day. I wonder how many I can read in the month of December?


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