Changing Seasons

9 Nov

Facebook has been filled with cartoons on Falling Back for the end of daylight savings time and on Christmas decorations that replace the Halloween candy even before Halloween has come and gone. The cartoons are as much of an indicator of the season changes as the weather. For us, those changes seem to become harder with each passing year.

Living in farming country as a child, I remember hearing complaints that the cows didn’t recognize the changes in time. They want to be milked at the same time each day no matter what the clock says. Our animals feel the same way. At 4 AM the dog starts pushing his nose into my hand to see if I’m awake while the kitten decides it is time to start running up and down the hall. A quick trip to the bathroom and hopping back in bed only delays them a few minutes. The clock may say 4:30 AM but they know it is really 5:30 and time for me to get up. Even my husband is now up before 7 and on some days at 6. The dog will have had his first walk and is snuggled back on my half of the bed, but kitten still wants to play and a sleeping Harry is a perfect place to start. Kittens do not take “No” for an answer.

I can start my day at 4:30 with making coffee and cleaning up the kitchen right after the dog walk but I really should use that early morning time for writing. Kitten, however, thinks that he needs to either snuggle on my lap because I am sitting or walking across my keyboard as he tries to catch the words on the screen.  Right now he is busy assisting Harry with shaving and teeth brushing. That will be followed by more “No”‘s as Harry tries to dress with kitten hands holding his clothes for him.

Once that has passed, my day will move in other directions. The sun is now up so I can easily see to work outside. In summer that is wonderful but it is clearly Fall. The temperature outside is a brisk 43 on the front porch. By the end of the week that will be a heat wave.  Overnight temperatures will drop to the mid 30’s and daytime highs will be in the 50’s. Seems like only yesterday we were in the 80’s but that was last week. Now those morning and evening walks require jackets and hats and soon heavier jackets as winter moves in. The fall has been wonderful weather but like those Christmas decorations in October, I’m not quite ready for winter.

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