Holiday Debates

9 Nov

One of the really special things about Fall into Winter are the holidays with lots of great holiday food. My Southern Living magazines are filled with interesting recipes. I’m always amazed by how many things can be fried or made with grits. Deserts are also a big thing along with special cocktails for the season. I try not to fry anything other than stir fried veggies with a little bit of olive oil and I am not yet southern enough to eat or serve grits. I’ll probably like them when I try them but it just hasn’t been on the menu yet. As a diabetic, cocktails involve too many trade offs and deserts have to be limited and/or modified. I still like to look, however.

Thanksgiving brings a debate on the issue of pies. Although there are many variations for pumpkin pie, many people still cling to their grandmother’s favorite recipe or the local bakery becomes their grandmother. The real debate arises for those special lovers of mincemeat pie.  The local bakery variety tends to be 1) soggy and 2) more apple then mincemeat. The jar of mincemeat keeps rising in price so the local bakery is tempting. That is how I know about soggy and apple because I am a mincemeat lover and my husband is not. Buying seemed to make more sense than baking.

With our third fall here, I finally had lots of green tomatoes and dug out my old recipe for green tomato mincemeat. It is a vegetarian recipe because there is no actual meat involved. It is canned with just the chopped green tomatoes, orange, lemon and raisins with some spice, molasses and vinegar. Apples are added when the mincemeat is used and can be adjusted for different applications. I made enough to can 5 pints.

One of the pints did not seal and rather than getting down the large canning kettle and the the jar lids for 1 pint, I decided to use it now before the holiday. I chopped an apple and simmered the combination for a little while. I also added some Splenda to make the mixture just a little sweeter. Then I had to face how I intended to use it. Although a mincemeat pie sounded good, I do not need the extra fat or calories 3 weeks before Thanksgiving.  I now wish I had chopped the apple just a bit finer because I am using that mincemeat as jam on my morning toast. It is fabulous on either my homemade oatmeal whole wheat or black Russian rye bread. It is more like a chutney.

For Thanksgiving I will make the mincemeat into pie with an olive oil based crust. The pumpkin will be transformed into my lazy woman’s pumpkin pie AKA Pumpkin Crunch. Adding vanilla ice cream and whipped cream means that the debate on which is best is reduced to choices. Now I just have to insure we will have a few additional people at the table to help us eat it all. Anyone going to be in Texas for an early Thanksgiving dinner?

Pumpkin Crunch.Pumpkin Crunch


2 Responses to “Holiday Debates”

  1. gramajan November 9, 2014 at 7:46 AM #

    The amount of cake mix isn’t clear. Does “Jiffy” refer to those small size boxes of mix?

    • compterteach November 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM #

      Yes, Jiffy does refer to those small size boxes of mix. They are one of my favorite brands. I’ve found generic copies of Bisquick and Jiffy’s baking mix but not of their cake mix. I also consider their corn bread mix one of the best.

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