Welcome to 2015

1 Jan

This New Year’s day dawned cold (36 on the front porch) and damp. The weather site has an advisory for ice on bridges and overpasses. We are not planning to travel farther than walks in the back yard so that shouldn’t be an issue. Today will be a quiet day which falls into line with our wild New Year’s Eve celebration of staying up until 10 PM. This is a time when I miss the house on the Washington coast. The hillside view of the city there was wonderful when fireworks were involved. I’m not sure if anyone shot off fireworks here but this house offers peace and quiet rather than a viewing platform.

Plans for the day include such earth shattering tasks as removing old 2014 calendars, fixing the 2nd half of the Thanksgiving turkey (cutting a large bird down the middle and freezing half for later worked very well) and watching TV. Harry will watch football games most of the day and I’ll probably dig out some good old movies. We each have our own TV in opposite ends of the house which works very well. I’ll work on the old handmade quilt that I have mended and am now starting to quilt. Because I will be doing the quilting by hand, it may occupy me for years. I like long range projects. It is also nice that it is a warm quilt sitting in my lap; that 36 degrees is expected to be the high for the day along with maybe freezing rain.

Murphy the kitten and I did complete one task a day or two earlier than tradition. I removed from the living room his climbing tree that I foolishly thought of as a Christmas tree. He had already taken the silk wrapped ornaments turning them into unwrapped hockey pucks. Today he thought he should help by pulling the strings of lights out as well but he couldn’t get them any farther than the base of the tree. DSC_0479I have applied the water spray bottle in hopes of teaching him that climbing was not the appropriate activity but in true teenager fashion, he continued to climb just to see if the rules had changed. The poor bedraggled tree had been a thrift shop selection when my sons were teens. It fit nicely in tight spaces but it is now bald on a number of its branches. Some people select an artificial tree so they don’t have to contend with needles everywhere. Over the last two weeks I have swept up 5 piles of needles and will probably have one more from the edges of the room. The tree is currently parked on the front porch awaiting its fate. Unfortunately I can’t do the same with Murphy. Maybe 2015 will have him grow up enough that the Christmas tree will be safe next year but I do have more non breakable ornaments once we find a new tree. Maybe I can find another 25 cent tree to join the one he can’t reach in the dining room.  Tomorrow may be a good day for shopping.


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