Plattenburger Great Grandparents and Family Names

7 Jan

I’m not really into tracking my ancestors in the hopes of finding how I’m related to the Queen of England or any such thing. I do know that as a senior member of my family, I have stories or pictures that have been passed down that my grandchildren and younger cousins may not know. So lets step back one level to Ester’s parents. I seem to be missing pictures that I know I have so I may need to add more later.

Ester’s parents were James and Iva Plattenburger. I’m not sure of Iva’s maiden name because Betty wrote Brock on a family tree and Taylor on this wedding picture that Ester had. Per information provided by cousin Ben Withhart her maiden name was Taylor.

James  and Iva Plattenburger Wedding

James and Iva Plattenburger Wedding

I don’t know when they were married nor when or where they died. My mother said that the man standing up with them at their wedding was his brother Grant. (Family name #1 – my 1st cousin’s son is named Grant.) I assume this 2nd picture is their 50th wedding anniversary – date unknown.

James and Iva

James and Iva

Betty never mentioned Iva but was very fond of her grandfather. He took her on a road trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota when she graduated from high school in 1939.

Betty's Granduation (Far Left 4th row down)

Betty’s Granduation (Far Left 4th row down)

Betty with Grandfather James Plattenburger

Betty with Grandfather James Plattenburger

James and Iva had 3 girls and 1 son. Ester’s sister Helen married Jack Thulen. Their children were all older than I was so I really didn’t know them as I grew up but I always thought Aunt Helen was cool. I don’t even remember why, just that I did. My brother was closer to the sons. There are a number of cousins who attend the annual Plattenburger reunion including James Thulen (family name # 2).

Ester’s brother Philip Henry married Alica Libberton. He worked at the Army Depot and later opened Phil’s Fix It Shop (lawn mower repair).    Their daughter Ruth married John Withhart who ran the Savanna Meat Market located on Main Street (4th generation). I remember Uncle Phil as a warm man who lost fingers in a table saw accident. Ruth and John had 2 sons (Ben & John) and a daughter (Connie). Both Ben and Connie were part of my first wedding.

Sandra's 1st wedding w/ cousins Connie and Ben Withhart and Mike Stiles

Sandra’s 1st wedding w/ cousins Connie and Ben Withhart and Mike Stiles

Ester’s other sister Hattie is special because she married Leo Bailey, my father’s older brother. They were married for 33 years before getting a messy divorce that cause hurt feelings with her sisters and brother as well as some on the Bailey side. They did not have any children. She later remarried Glenn Sipes. I don’t remember ever seeing Hattie or Glenn sober. Leo at least got sober in his later years. The sisters and sister-in-law did come together for my wedding shower Ruth Withhart hosted. That was the first time they had been together since the divorce.

Hattie had a Texas star quilt that her mother was working on when she died. Hattie had promised the quilt to my mother but never gave it to her. Before Hattie died she gave the quilt to my mother to bring to me. Betty’s feelings were hurt but she did as she was asked. I tried to give it back but Betty told me to finish the quilt. She also brought me Hattie’s childhood rocking chair. The quilt hangs in my bedroom with others

Hattie's Texas Star Quilt

Hattie’s Texas Star Quilt

and the rocking chair is still in storage.

In writing this I realized how many holes I have in the family tree and names that have escaped. There are so many cousins that I know are related but I never attempted to get those relationships straight. Betty did not value family stories. I did make a few tape recordings of her stories but she really didn’t want to do it. Some of the things she had to say about the extended family are best left undocumented! The joys of large extended families.

Thank you, Cousin Ben for providing corrected details on Phil and on Iva’s maiden name. I need all of the help I can get.



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