Almost Spring

29 Jan

Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere” as described by Wikipedia. They continue with expanded definitions by the US National Weather Service and additional ones by the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

I’ve not found a corresponding term to describe those rare days of winter that are almost spring like. We have had two days of upper 70 degree temperatures after a prior week of 40’s and rain. The sun shine inspired a number of walks and¬† the warm breezes encouraged open doors and windows. Although not yet dry, the “lake” that forms in the back yard after days of rain had receded to just mud and now crusted over enough that we can step from one patch of grass to another without boots. The green onions left over from last year have sprouted and are ready for cooking. Digging them, however, reminds me that the soil is still too wet to plant more. The stores are stocking seeds and onion starts so I’m not alone in thinking about my garden.

Even the birds at the feeders have expanded to include finches along with the sparrows, chickadees, nuthatches and cardinals. The robins have been popular in the garden but they always arrive early so they don’t really imply a change in the weather. The bird songs do sound more like spring than we’ve heard all winter.

All of these signs of spring are what I had expected of the last week in January before we moved here. Spring starting in February was rather rare in Wenatchee, WA but common in the Seattle area. Here I have learned such signs are of “False Spring.” Next week the weather is expected to return to more common 50/35 with rain this weekend. That will probably continue through all of February and most of March. Even April can be cool and rainy but May may jump to 90 degrees and feel more like summer.

So for now I’ll enjoy an mid 60’s sunny day and not think about the 55 and rain for tomorrow or yesterday’s 78.8. Rather than “False Spring” the correct term might be “Spring Teaser.” Neither term is recognized by Wikipedia but they invited me to create the page. Do you have a better term or want to offer a definition? I’ll have time to work on it because the forecast is for cool and rainy this weekend.

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