Trip Advisor

16 Feb

I just posted a review of Lake O’ The Woods with Trip Advisor. I’ve used the site before to get some idea about places we were considering before other trips. I always find it interesting to read the “Loved it” and “Don’t Stay Here” reviews. How could they both be describing the same room (or cabin in this case) or restaurant? Using basic averaging techniques, I throw out the top and the very bottom and then focus on recent middle of the road reviews unless there are only bottom ones. It that is the case, I move on to a different hotel. Checking the dates on reviews is also a good idea as well although seasonal can be more important than most currant.

I also pay attention to photos comparing those posted by reviewers with those on the hotel’s website. I won’t book if they only show the lobby, the exterior or the pool although those shots can say a lot. Shots of the room are essential. Decorating style can indicate age and may imply general upkeep. In the case of Lake O’ The Woods, the photos matched the cabin and the resort property. It was easy to see that the steps to the sleeping loft were steep and the walls were all wood. The swimming pool is outside so I would expect it to be closed in the winter. I enjoy swimming but it is not a requirement. They offer a number of outside recreation activities that would also be seasonal or require a group or large family. That doesn’t diminish our stay.

We spent this week in Tyler, TX rather than in our biannual timeshare in Whistler, BC. We had wonderful weeks there even when there was no snow for our cross country skiing. We assembled jig saw puzzles without the “help” of cats and curled up with old movies or explored on roads that weren’t as snowed in. Relaxing was the order of the day. We will probably never return for a week in the snow but that is okay. We can trade our time for a week in different areas of the south for the next few years. We will use Trip Advisor to consider our options but may very well return to the cabins in the woods.

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