February Is Still Winter

24 Feb

As I’ve written before, my brain wants to declare February early spring but the weatherman and the ground hog don’t agree. Looking out my window at an icy street and white side walk I have to accept that it is still winter even if the peach tree did decide to bloom. At this rate even March looks like winter!

On Sunday we got rain which once again flooded the back yard and filled the moats at the front and rear of the lots. There isn’t so much water that we need to buy flood insurance but rubber boots are still the order of the day. The temperature dropped to below freezing Sunday night and the rain changed to sleet producing the white ground cover. Monday was a rare day in that it never got above freezing so the white continues with another night of below freezing temps.

Walking the dog around the back yard takes us back to childhood adventures with a twist. The “lakes” are covered with a sheet of ice but because the temperatures are not that low, it is a fairly thin sheet. As we walk across a puddle there are cracking and popping sounds before the ice breaks and water gushes up. As children we remember jumping on puddles to break through to that water below. As an ice fisher woman I also dreaded the sounds of ice cracking and popping as we walked out to our ice hole. There was always the fear that the ice was thinning and the spring breakup was coming early. Normally we cut through 36 inches of ice but once spring came the major sheets would breaking into large chunks. The idea of falling through was not pleasant. Now those cracks and pops are harmless.

The twist is that we are no longer children. We don’t jump in the frozen puddles; we walk across the with care. We avoid the ice covered side walks and driveway. The ice there is too likely to be very slick so we walk on the edges where the grass makes a rough surface. The forecast is for the temperature to reach 43 today although the night temps will be below freezing all week. I’ll be happy to see the white go although the weatherman says there is a possibility of snow tomorrow. Doesn’t he realize it is almost spring?

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