Spring Cleaning 2015

26 Feb

I’ve rarely lived in a house that was not under going some form of remodel. That will soon change. In fact it has changed. We do want to install a sliding patio door out to a deck that we have yet to build but that wall and some trim work is all that remains to be done inside this house. No more dry wall or sanding dust to cover all surfaces. That dirt will soon be restricted to outside projects.  I have never believed that you could remodel and keep a clean house at the same time. If I am focused on clean, I’m not focused on the project.

That means that it is almost time to dust away cobwebs in the corners and wash the windows that we didn’t bother to wash when we installed them 2 years ago. The high ceilings have meant that the cobwebs were hard to see last year and the windows weren’t really that bad. At least we cleaned off the manufacturer’s labels right after the installation. The washing was added to the “to – do” list.  The time has now come. Lots of people get into spring cleaning but I’ve never been one of them. I remember that some people in Winona, Minnesota would faithfully scrub the winter grim off the outside of their homes after the street cleaner cleaned up after the final snow melt. That whole area to town would sparkle but that didn’t happen near the college. College students are not known for cleaning.

When we reinstalled the vinyl siding on our small addition, I scrubbed it to remove embedded dirt from sitting while we constructed the addition. The siding was also intermixed with pieces taken off the skirting from the front porch that we have not yet reinstalled.  Many of those pieces were moldy when we removed them. Bleach can work wonders so I do know how to scrub something clean. This year we plan to remove and then reinstall all of the skirting on both sides of the house. We want to close the air gap behind the baseboards and add some insulation to the walls. Currently wall insulation added from the top of the walls would fall straight down to the crawl space. Weird design. When the siding is added, I will once again scrub the whole side of the house after painting the eves.  If we also scrub the siding on the front of the house, the whole house should sparkle. We hope to finish this Spring Cleaning project before winter. Is this one of those decade cleaning that I won’t worry about until 2025 or will we need to plan another remodel project instead?

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