Life in March

14 Mar

February took its toll at our house in some odd ways. The snows of February melted to add more water to the saturated soil in the backyard. Boots are always required to wade through the “lake” puddle in the middle of the yard and to muck through the surrounding mud. On the isolated patches of high ground the weeds display their tiny pink or blue flowers. I really hate to step on them but it is the only place to escape from the mud pulling on my boots. I really wish we could have 4 truck loads of top soil delivered to remove the lake and provide options for flowers and trees but the trucks could never get into the yard. By the time the ground is once again solid it will be too warm to want to work in the yard once the dirt was delivered. It may be a good plan for fall.

We have had rain every two days for two days. Things almost dry and then there is more rain. I should have planted my onions and potatoes a month ago but I’ve yet to get them into the ground. The only warm dry days were in that 2nd week of February when we were enjoying even warmer days in Tyler. I’m sure if we had stayed home, we would have rain every two days then as well! I really need to add more compost to the garden which has finally arrived at the store. Making a special shopping trip doesn’t sound like a fun activity on a rainy day and isn’t something I’ve devoted the time to on a non rainy day. It may just wait for warm plants like tomatoes in May.

We have started to plan for our trip to LA in April. From there we plan to head on to Washington to visit family and friends before we wander back home. The pets will go with us and the whole trip may take a month to six weeks. We’ve never been out more than three weeks so this may be overly ambitious. Time will tell.

One of the first things we wanted to get done was to add a trailer hitch to the camper van. We don’t plan to pull a trailer but it is nice to have that option if we want it. We had tried last summer to find someone in the area who would install the hitch. Regular hitch stores said we needed a custom welder and the custom welder declined because of the location for the generator and propane tank. The local RV dealers had never seen a Roadtrek and declined as well. Camping World was the next logical choice. They are not the best price point nor are they close to Honey Grove but we were out of options. Because the hitch for that van was a special order $189 part, we needed to take the van in so the technician could price out the scope of the work. Trip one of 90 miles each way to Camping World Denton. The good news was that they could install the hitch and it would only take two hours of labor at $129/hour. Oh well we really want the hitch on the van.

The work was scheduled for late February I cancelled that appointment because of the forecast for overnight freezing rain. There was a 20 car pile up on the freeway so it was a good decision. The next appointment was for ten days later. The forecast called for more freezing rain and snow. I wanted to cancel again but Harry didn’t believe the forecast. He was seriously wrong when we got 4 inches for snow overnight with continuing below freezing temps. It wasn’t a concern, however, because Camping World had called us to cancel. They were cancelling all of the out of town appointments due to the weather issues. They were also behind schedule from the delivery delays the week before.

The next appointment was for this last Thursday.  No weather issues. I packed our lunch and we arrived early. I can’t say that their waiting room was the most comfortable place but I could read and Harry could watch TV. He also watched the technicians as they worked on other RV long past our appointment time. When he checked at the desk, he learned they didn’t know we were waiting! By the time they finished be both felt like part of the waiting room chairs.

We will still need to have the van serviced but at least we can do the drop off and pick up later because that is at the Dodge dealer in Bonham. Of course if it needs any special parts, that overnight could stretch into a week. I had been make our appointment now.

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