15 Mar

I’m not a pink loving girly sort of woman. I prefer primary colors to pastels and classic tailored to frilly. My mother redid my bedroom when I was 12 and away at camp. I came home to a Pepto-Bismol room that I hated. The only part of the room I had gotten to vote on were the twin beds. There was no money left for a redo so it stayed pink until my parents sold the house long after I had moved to the West Coast. I had thought that would be enough pink for the rest of my life!

Over the years I did purchase a few clothing items in pink but most were a deeper fuchsia shade. When I moved into the house in Auburn as a newly divorced woman, I decided that I should try a feminine bedroom. I purchased a brass bed and a pink and white comforter that had plain stripes on one side and cabbage roses on the other. I had planed to add pink and white wide striped wallpaper to the wall behind the bed. Thank goodness I never found wall paper that I liked because I would have pulled it down within a few months. Six months after purchasing the comforter, I had replaced it with a colorful quilt. I had had enough frilly pink by then.

Over the winter I grant Harry’s wish for dark colors on the bed. One down comforter will have a red-green-black flannel duvet cover and the second a solid dark green duvet cover. They do give the room a warm snug feel for those cool months. By mid February, however, I’m ready for spring. Out comes that same pink and white striped comforter matched with a flannel white and cabbage rose duvet cover. It feel like winter outside but the bedroom said spring.

We will be here for a month and then traveling for the last half of April and first half of May.  The bedroom will stay with pink and white cabbage roses while we are gone. I know that the minute we return the pink bedroom will be switched out for the off white of a light weight summer quilt. In fall the white will be exchanged for another quilt in tans and browns. The four seasons are reflected in the quilts on our bed. Pink will only invade for a few months of spring. Maybe I need to find a new quilt without pink that stills says spring. Yellow?


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