Glasses and Hockey

26 Mar

At age twelve I could no longer read the clock on the wall of the study hall.  I am near sighted and glasses were part of my birthday present that year.  Later I added contact lenses but the glasses were still an essential part of my life. I became a person who needed glasses to find her glasses! I always keep my old pair handy. The contacts do not work well in the dust, dirt and paint of home remodel so I rely on that old pair of glasses. The frames are often bent when we are moving something and the lenses are scratched but they do the job. The newer pair stay presentable.

This last week I took that old pair off after reading in bed. I failed, however to place them on the dresser where they belong. The next morning I could not remember where I had left them. Were they on my night stand? Had I taken them off before I soaked in the tub? Did I leave them along with my shoes in the living room? Were they on the kitchen counters hiding in some corner? I could locate the newer pair in their case on the dresser but the older “work” pair were not in any of the usual places! That could only mean that I had had help from Murphy Jones, the cat. He has become a world champion hockey player and my glasses might have been used as a puck.

The time had come for hands and knees and dust bunny extraction for all of those hard to reach places on the lower levels of the bedroom. I have mops that work well on the upper levels like the blades of the ceiling fan and the upper rails on the four poster bed but the lower levels are another story. The dry sink and the original design for the two wardrobes have legs that are long enough to facilitate cleaning. That is not the case for the modified wardrobes ( ), the bed, nor the scalloped lower edge on the dresser. Each item required different tools and angles to remove the dust bunnies (okay – fur elephants) and assorted Murphy toys. I successfully extracted 7 small plastic balls with bells inside, 2 foam Christmas ornaments, 2 golf balls, 1 rubber exercise ball and 1 tennis ball  as well as enough fur to make a second dog. Murphy has already placed the balls in new treasure boxes of his selection under different pieces of furniture throughout the house. My glasses,however, were not in the collection of fur and foam.

This situation was calling for desperate measures. Spring cleaning began in earnest under all other lower levels through out the house. Removing dust and fur elephants is good for a clean house but did nothing for locating the missing glasses. Back in the bedroom I realized that I had not checked between the wall, the edges of the night stand (an old suitcase) and the wardrobe. Nestled safely on the top of the baseboard were my glasses. House projects could continue and the house was cleaner. Does this mean that I need to give Murphy Jones credit for a push towards spring cleaning or just add that location to the usual places to look?


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