Newer Windows – The Computer Variety

6 Apr

My new computer has Windows 8.1. I was not impressed with the desktop of “apps” that were chosen for me. I converted that desktop with Classic Shell so it looks and feels more like earlier versions of Windows and has a Start Menu. It isn’t that I don’t wish to learn about a new computing environment, but more that I want to have easy access to all of the computer and Windows settings. Window 8.1 wants to protect users from changing settings that may impact the stability of the program. I long ago learned how to use a cautious touch on changing settings.The Classic Shell gives me full access to the programs and control panel. I can drag and drop the Start Menu programs into new groups or add new folders. They appear in alphabetical order but I can control that order by adding folders or renaming the existing ones. I can also delete any that don’t suit my needs.

I installed Windows 10 beta version on my laptop. It does allow more customization that 8.1 and adds the Start Menu organized in an alphabetical array but the core of that is grouped under each letter rather than with a folder. The right side of the Start window is filled with “apps” again selected for me. I quickly unloaded a lot of “apps” that are not part of my computing life. The Windows settings are easy enough to locate but I can’t say I like the groupings rather than the full list. Again the designers want to simplify user interaction with the core of Windows. They may want to have this version of Windows look and feel like the Windows phone but I’m not impressed. I don’t own nor do I intend to purchase a Windows phone. In fact both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 beta are an excellent negative sale. I’ll keep my Android phone. I’m glad I don’t really use my laptop very much. It started its life with Windows Vista that I could use as a class demo. It also was upgraded to Windows 7 as another class demo. I didn’t install Windows 8 but decided to try 10. It is nice to have a computer to use for such tests. When Windows 10 is actually released I may consider making the upgrade on my main computer but only with the Classic Shell for it which is also in beta.  I like a simple Start Menu!

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