Back Home Again

22 May

We are home once again and almost settled into “normal” routines. Harry was happy to have his TV and feet up in his recliner. Fred seems happy to be off leash in his own backyard and Murphy is busy looking for something to get into. For me, the cool rainy weather is enough to have me thinking about new places to explore that don’t require knee mud boots.

The 2nd Half of Our Trip:

Four nights in Auburn passed very quickly. We made a trip to Silverdale to see oldest son and granddaughters as well as a trip to Kent to pick up oldest granddaughter for dinner with youngest son. It was good to feel at home in the Mazatlan restaurant once again. Had dinner at oldest granddaughter’s apartment on another night and breakfast with an Aberdeen work buddy and son. A few hours with everyone did not seem like enough but at least we had those few hours.

I had not expected Confluence State Park in Wenatchee to be so full but we were able to find a spot. Shared dinners with Diana and a potluck with a few students. The weather was cold and windy so it was not a great night for a picnic but it worked. A visit to campus gave us a chance to see a few more friends but again the time went too quickly. We also learned that the water heater and the furnace both worked in the van. Both were a happy addition to our camping adventure.

Off to Curlew for a long Mother’s Day weekend made us both a little homesick for our cabin. Both are magical places for relaxation and connection with nature. We don’t regret our decision to sell because that allowed us to buy the Honey Grove house but we will always miss it. Dick and Nancy have a beautiful place with such wonders as running water and flushing toilets. Our cabin would never have had such luxuries! We also learned how to open and raise the canopy on the van. It only took 3 master’s degrees to work out the bugs but now we know how all of it works. I doubt that we will use it very often (another item to disconnect and store when we want to move the van) but it will be used. Thank you for the help.

A stop in Spokane wrapped up grandchildren and children visits. Everyone had school and work so we only stayed two nights but it was good to see them. Children have a way of growing up so fast. We stopped at Cabala’s in Post Falls, ID. It is always fun to look but the pink AK47 rifles were depressing.

A night in Montana, a night in Wyoming, and another in Colorado brought us to Denver and more friends. Hadn’t seen Dave and Megan in 15 years and it was great to catch up. Luckily they had guest accommodations because once again the campgrounds were full or required two night minimums for the weekend and there were very few options. We do know where to find a RV friendly Walmart on their side of Denver so we could make another trip to Denver.

The last night out was a rest area in Kansas. There are very few state parks and even fewer RV parks within an easy drive from I 70 in Kansas. Of course we did drive past the nice stay over rest areas to pick a very small one but it was time to call it a day. I have added those notes to our Kansas map so maybe we will do better in the future.

The Texas welcome center outside Gainsville is a nice stop but they did close the trailer dump area. I had planned to empty our gray water before we got home. Once the rain, flooding and general mud issues have decreased, we will make the trip to the local state park to complete that task. From the weather reports, that may be awhile.

5,635 miles over 4 weeks – 28 days made a long trip but a good one. Harry probably won’t be ready for another until it is time to head north for the family reunion. Murphy and I, however are looking at the brochure on the remains of Route 66. – Chicago to LA. Wonder if I can make a detour after the reunion?


2 Responses to “Back Home Again”

  1. Janice Clark May 22, 2015 at 9:55 AM #

    I’m glad you enjoyed your whirlwind trip and made it home safely. Just the thought of that much driving makes me feel exhausted. Much as I’d like to see old friends and once-familiar places, I tend to stay home and do my traveling in books. The children and grandchildren can come to visit me, instead.

    • compterteach May 22, 2015 at 11:18 AM #

      I understand having family come to you. I actually enjoy driving (with GPS to keep me on track) and loved seeing the country and wildflowers along the road. I’d like to take more side roads but that is not a Harry thing. It is a compromise I’m willing to make as long as I can get him to go.
      I will admit that my arm muscles shaped up very quickly after the first 2 days on the road! I guess I need to start a work out program because it is still too wet to garden.

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