The Slow Process of Writing

3 Jul

I have blog that I follow from a woman who is trying to get her first novel accepted by a publisher. She has detailed her trauma at writing, rewriting, reviews by members of her writers group and rejections from literary agents. In between she posts her status on her blog. She sometimes posts often and then may go 4 – 6 months with nothing. Recently after a long dry spell, she explained that after a rejection, she can’t sit down to write again and switches to reading instead.

I’ve found that I also post frequently or not at all for weeks. It has nothing to do with rejections. I’m most creative in the morning but some mornings seemed to be filled with other things. We are in a warm humid summer. I often work outside until noon when I am exhausted as well as sticky and covered in either bug spray or mosquito bites. Sometimes I’m covered in both!  Afternoons are spent inside but the ideas for blog posts have long since vanished into thin air. Curling up with a book seems like a nice idea.

I have also been working on a novel that I started a few years back. After working on novels for twenty five years and never finishing them, I decided to take another approach. I signed up for an online writing class taught by James Patterson. I’m writing a romance novel for women over 50 and he writes murder mystery novels but he is a very successful writer. I have been spending part of almost everyday working on the outline for the novel or listening to the tips and tricks from the class. I have yet to be an “active” participant in the group because I have not posted any comments to date. Like any online class, some people post a lot but they haven’t really provided anything that adds to the lessons. This may be a chance to join a writers group but I’m not sure how I feel about that. With three English teachers and two published writers in my circle of friends, I probably have a good set of reviewers and supporters as needed. I’ve sent the start of my outline to one for review and she has both of her feet in the middle of my back to continue. She may hate the final book but she is giving me lots of encouragement.

So if I don’t post, feel free to ask how my class or my writing is going. Of course if we have nice weather, I may be spending extra time in the swimming pool. I’ll pretend that I’m thinking about my storyline. James Patterson says to take the time to get my outline fully laid out so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


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