Arranging Furniture

20 Jul

It is finally time to paint the living room. It has only taken me 4 years to get to this point but now is the time. I wouldn’t do it even now if it were 10 degrees cooler at night. With 99 degree days and 80 at night, we never really cool down. Working outside is uncomfortable by the time the sun is up and I can make noise without disturbing the neighbors. I tend to get light headed easily when it is hot ( I’m not an airhead by nature.) The only inside projects left are to put in a door to the patio we haven’t built and painting the living room.

A big part of the living room project is to replace a strip of drywall tape that runs across the middle of the ceiling and down one wall. The tape was buckled when we bought the house. The ceiling was also painted with a semi gloss paint so the buckles would glow with reflected light.   The old tape had also had additional layers of drywall compound added so there was a smooth 6 inch edge on each side although the ceiling has a slight texture everywhere else. I prefer to use fiber glass tape and flat ceiling paint.  The trick is to add texture without overdoing it in such a small area. I like to do the last coat as a very light one and then pat it with my hand to add just a bit of texture. It isn’t an exact match but isn’t really noticeable 10 feet up without that semi gloss glow.

Working around a living room full of furniture and a few hand sewing projects means I have had to shift the big and small pieces from side to side. Although the original arrangement worked for me, I’ve decided that this is the prefect time to reassess. I tend to collect “stuff” and liked having the two corner cabinets to close off the computer and the TV. If I rearrange, the corner cabinets will need to go and hopefully, I can reduce the volume of stuff hiding inside. The truth is, I almost never close the one for the computer. They are both beautiful pieces of furniture but are just too much. I also have my mother’s old writing desk and like my mother, I usually have it buried in paper that should be filed. Time for a major change.

The writing desk will be my new computer desk. A new window seat to the side will hold the printer, scanner and extra hard drives. The book cases will all be arranged along one wall instead of wrapping on to a second one. The television will hang on the wall with shelves below to hold its remotes, Direct TV box and Kindle Fire TV box. The loveseat and two arm chairs will be arranged to see both the TV and the fireplace. The fireplace is a gas vent-less one and move over about two feet to allow for an arm chair to each side.

I’m hopeful that I’ve measured and planned correctly.  It will be sad to see the two corner cabinets go because we’ve moved them from Aberdeen to Wenatchee to Texas. Harry had picked them out and did the staining and finishing to match the woodwork in his home office space in Aberdeen. They are special but this house is just half the size of Aberdeen. Of course there is the man cave building. Maybe I can find a good corner for them there. Rearranging furniture doesn’t really mean I need to reduce my volume of stuff does it?


One Response to “Arranging Furniture”

  1. ndhoward July 20, 2015 at 10:12 AM #

    Yes! Less, less, less. Sort and toss and give. Remember those three 30-yard dumpsters I filled trying to clean out my parents’ house?
    Less, less, less!

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