Bugs and Spiders

31 Jul

We live in the south so we have bugs. I knew about that before we moved here. In addition we moved into an old house with skirting and walls that are open to the ground below. We originally had mice as well but that hasn’t been an issue since we moved the cats in. Having bugs means that we also have spiders who try to help us out by catching the flying bugs.

Now when I say we have bugs, I do need to clarify that we do not have head lice nor bed bugs. This clarification will be important to my daughter in law who returned home with extra passengers after a trip. At first we had the dreaded cockroach but the bait in discrete corners seems to have handled that problem. Before fall I will need to renew that bait just to keep things on an even keel. My mother always shuttered when she told stories about the cockroaches in the Virginia apartment building where she lived with my brother when my father was in the Navy. She truly believed they were only a sign of dirty conditions. I know that they are a sign of warmth, moisture and food. With a dog and a cat who both eat dry food and a husband who like to snack in his chair during a warm humid summer, dirt has nothing to do with it. It is just an opportunity.

That dry cat food presents an opportunity for another type of bug as well. The cat has had a self feeder. Murphy Jones like many cats likes to have his meals in private at night. He had inherited the feeder from Iggy and Segia. Iggy ate 24/7 and at 20 pounds it showed although he had broad shoulders and long legs so he carried his weight well. Segia had been an old lady when she lived here and had medical issues that caused her to lose weight. Like Murphy she really preferred to eat at night although after we had be gone she wanted us to follow her to her dish to make sure it was still full. A little shake of the container let her know we still loved her. Murphy was a baby adopted after Iggy and Segia were gone. We feed him both canned and dry food to help him recover. He was a sickly little rat but he made up for lost time. Try as he would, however, he could not empty that feeder as fast as Iggy had. The food left inside the feeding jar turned out to be the perfect place for a small moth to start their life cycle. In no time we had the nasty little creatures in all sorts of things in the kitchen as well. Almost everything in the kitchen is now in airtight containers and the cabinets have been emptied and scrubbed a number of times. Murphy’s food has been transferred to an airtight container and breakfast and dinner placed in a small bowl. He doesn’t seem to mind.

The cabinet scrubbing created a dilemma. What do I do about the spiders in all of the corners of the kitchen and almost every cabinet? They are not big spiders nor are they dangerous ones. They spin small webs to catch those moths as well as flies and mosquitoes. I consider them an asset but Harry isn’t so sure. I will admit walking into a web stretched across the doorway isn’t much fun but better that than bugs, right? For now we’ve reached a compromise. Webs above our heads and outside the cabinets can stay. Those inside cabinets must go and any spider like bees or wasps that Harry see moving must be removed by his favorite bug woman. In the mean time the campaign against the moths continues. At least I have found a need for all of those airtight containers I bought.


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