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Lilacs and Crape Myrtle

8 Jul

I grew up loving French Lilacs. They are well shaped bushes that develop beautiful flowers with a heavenly scent. They occupied a special place in the yard of my parents house on the hill. Once they started to bloom Mother would bring branches in to have that wonderful smell fill the house. We had both traditional lavender and white varieties. The lavender was more fragrant then the white but both did the job.

My Auburn house had large lilac bushes in the front yard. They wanted to spread as lilacs do so I gave startups to a number of the neighbors. When we moved to the coast, I took some of those startups to the new house. They had not gotten into heavy blooming before we left but I’m hopeful that the new owner enjoyed them.

The house in Wenatchee was only expected to be a temporary home. That temporary turned into six years. I planted a small lilac bush but it always struggled and rarely bloomed unlike the roses. There were both white and lavender at a house up the hill from us so I knew they would have grown but they just didn’t like our yard.

Now we live in Northeast Texas were the winters are more mild and summers Wenatchee warm but not usually as dry. This year the summer has been cooler than even Seattle and much more humid. Either way, the gardening experts say you can grow some varieties of lilac but not well. Instead we have bushes that bloom later (now – early July) and although not as fragrant as lilacs look a lot like them. The Crape Myrtle DSC_0113comes in shades from white to a deep dark fuchsia. We have three such bushes. Every year they remind me of lilacs. Didn’t know that checking planted options should be part of selecting a place to retire.