Favorite Clothes

19 Apr

I have finished packing most of the things we will need for our trip including our clothes. Getting my husband to commit to a selection for the first day has been a challenge. He likes to believe that the only items that are comfortable to wear are the ones he has on at the moment. As the seasons change I force him to try on all of his jeans or shorts so I at least know that the ones in the dresser should fit. His weight flexes just enough that some will be tight one time and loose the next. I have a similar problem and know how hard it can be to select the right sized item are any one time.

I packed based on that last try on effort for both of us. I also set aside an extra pair of my shorts and a favorite tee-shirt for that first day. Harry, of course, wants to wear the shorts he has worn all week. I handed him another pair so I could do one more load of laundry. His current favorite will be clean and ready in the morning. I may need to hand them to him but he should be set.

My favorite shorts will not make this trip. I’m forced to admit they are barely able to qualify as painting pants. The only way I can mend them once again is if I use other fabric for patches. I should probably send the picture to Cabala’s because these might be 30 years old. This is also as clean as they get. Favorite shortsMy second favorite pair I know are 16 years old. They are comfortable but not in tatters. Two years ago I ordered new ones but they are barely broken in so have not reached that favorite classification. Because our summers are long and hot, we wear shorts most of the time. I have a drawer that is filled with all style of shorts that I really need to place into the yard sale group. Harry’s shorts have been narrowed down to only the Cabala’s ones. With 5 pairs of my Cabala’s shorts, what more do I need? Maybe I’ll patch these old favorites just in case.


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