About Me

About Me Update:

I should have written this update months ago. I did retire. We do live in Texas. The remodel continues. We still love the house and the town. This is home.

Original About Me:

I’m a college professor living in Washington State, who decided to buy a low priced house in NE Texas in November, 2010.  Because the house needs a lot of work, the original plan was to work on it during vacations over a 3 – 4 year period. We had sold vacation property and this house seemed like a good plan for retirement someday soon.

Our 1st trip had us falling in love with the house and the small town. The area offered the things that were on our retirement checklist. The rehab/retirement timeline was quickly shortened to 2 more school years. The 3rd trip shortened it to 1 more school year. The rehab may not be done but we decided that we were good semi primitive campers. We had lived through 2 rewires and 2 kitchen remodels (I have had 4) and this was a do-able plan.

This means a serious financial hit but I’m more than a little tired of listening to budget cuts here with bigger cuts to follow. With careful management, we can have a good life for 20+ of years. After that, we probably won’t need as much and really won’t care. If not, it will just be one more budget cut.

19 months after buying the house, I will be retired and half way through my blog plan.


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